Acting class for the preschooler

This innovative film acting class allows our youngest rising stars to use their imagination and energy as they build on their ability to focus, memorize, pretend, mimic and cooperate.  Our creative play segment, through the most inventive acting games, will build confidence in the most inhibited child.

Our travel team will bring to your child’s preschool/daycare a FUN acting class experience ON CAMERA. This powerful class will allow a child to understand the medium of television as they also watch the class outcome, their ‘play’, transformed into a performance on the small screen.

Our last goal is to create the next child star. The mission of our passionate educators is to spark an interest in creative arts; theater, storytelling, filmmaking…. there are so many directions of interest in which the imagination can grow.

A child’s participation in creative play expand on skills that will serve them through life such as social skills, problem-solving and trusting their own inner voice.

We are thrilled to be invited as a partner in education with your child’s preschool!

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