At the Film Set Studio Homeschool Division, we aim to provide homeschool students with the opportunity to explore acting, film-making and screenwriting in a unique and effective way. As your chosen activity provider we will offer outstanding film-based education, allowing our actors, writers and filmmakers to explore a multitude of areas in the world of film.


Why Choose Us?


We understand that educating homeschool students is completely different to teaching those in regular school. Unlike the classes we offer for students who attend after a full day in regular school, we recognize that homeschool students require a FULL CURRICULUM. This can include the history of film, more in-depth assignments, and a follow-up to some concepts with a field trip or the appearance of a special guest. And, because we know these electives hours can be life changing, we engage students with impactful projects that award them real-world experiences.
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The areas we specialize in:


This extensive course is dedicated to hands-on technical training, and includes complete projects incorporating curricula within film production, film theory, digital media production, and screenwriting. Technical training will include instruction in the use and operation of cameras, lighting equipment, video editing equipment and software, and other relevant equipment. All film classes conclude with a student-produced short film production.

Film Acting Foundation

This comprehensive acting class builds an actor’s abilities both on and off the screen. This core class covers everything including cold reading; scene study; on-camera acting techniques; script analysis; and voice, body and movement. All acting classes conclude with an on-camera performance on a film production set.


Students will study the theory behind scriptwriting for feature films and television productions, before trying it out themselves. In this course, the collaborative project includes researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the screenplay, and delivering it – in the required format – to our actors and filmmakers.


All programs end with a major collaborative film project, among all disciplines,

shot on location and then submitted to film festival.


Each semester of work includes optional local field trips and short study abroad trips.

In 2016/2017, our exciting trips abroad will take place in:


Edinburgh (August 1 – 11 2016)

Our writers’ work has been transformed into a stage piece and will be performed by our actors at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Price: $4,400

Dubai (April 20 – 29 2017)

Our Fall Semester students have the wonderful opportunity to submit works to the Dubai Children’s Film Festival. In addition to participating in this first-class event, we will share in film and acting projects with other young filmmakers under a student exchange class program.

Price: $5,400

Australia (September 2017)

Our 2017 Spring Semester students will enjoy taking part in the Sydney Fringe Festival, where we will submit our film work for screening, as well as studying works entered from worldwide artists. This visit will lead to participants in each discipline taking master classes at well-known Sydney-based training centers.

Price: TBD

All prices include airfare, breakfast and meals, staff with students at all times, tours, all ground travel, and entry fees.

Film Industry Field Trips:
  • Watch a real sitcom being filmed
  • Visit the Academy to learn about the Oscars
  • Universal Studios Day of Study Program
  • Film Industry College Tours

Prices of field trips range from $50 to $150. This includes all entry fees, staff with students at all times, and transportation.

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