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Every Level, Every Age, All Are Welcome.



On-Going Classes


YouTube Creation Lab-  teens and adult classes  6:30 to 8:30PM (begins January 23rd)
Anyone and Everyone wanting to build a quality channel – Click here for more information 
CHILDREN’S CREATIVE PLAY AGES 4 1/2 to 7   3:30 TO 4:30
Voice-over 9:30 to 11:30 (ends 1/14/17)
YouTube Creation Lab –  teens and adult classes  8:30 to 10:30PM (begins January 7th)

Description of All Workshops


(Specialty workshops may run for one day or up to three, six or eight weeks. Class sizes vary.)


  • The Foundation Acting Class – This is an on-going, comprehensive acting class, which builds an actor’s abilities on and off the screen. This core class continually covers; cold reading, scene study, on-camera acting technique, script analysis, voice, body and movement.
  • EXTENDED Foundations Class – An intense and deeply concentrated class for screen actors who have their sights set on a career in the industry, or who may already be entrenched in it. Actors who wish to enroll in this course must audition for a panel of instructors, and commit to the full cycle. Classes meet for 4-5 hours a day, once a week, once a week for 12 weeks. The course is heavily project-based, with actors developing and completing several on-camera performances over the duration of the course. The course concludes with a meeting and adjudication from an agent or casting director.
  • The Foundation Sitcom Focused Class – Single and multi-camera, character type, writing style and sitcom technique are just a few aspects students tackle. Students will dissect comedic scripts and the characters  to lead to dynamic characterizations and comedic choices  . Students will learn to listen carefully and respond on their feet through practical training on The Film Set.
  • Creative Play – Our youngest actors will have a FUN hour of games, music and movement. They will use their imagination and energy as they build on their ability to focus, creatively problem solve, and cooperate.
  • Actor’s Reel – This workshop, led by a professional and established filmmakers. The ultimate goal is to construct and film acting reels that the actor can use to help book their next job! The workshop includes three weeks of production prep and one weekend of heavy filming on location that will produce TWO strong performance pieces.
  • The LAUNCH Program – A weekly meeting to instruct, inspire and keep each other accountable on our dream path to film industry success. Students will learn and build their professional package while learning self-marketing techniques and be active in their audition journey.  Parents are required to attend this class for students 17 and younger.
  • Casting Director Lecture/workshop – Pull back the curtain with a Hollywood Casting Director to learn all about auditioning, casting calls, and what Hollywood sees in you!
  • Commercial Workshop – This on-camera intensive focuses on specific techniques to empower the actor to take their commercial acting skills to the next level!
  • Audition Technique – This workshop takes the actor through the “Pre-Read” with Casting, the “Callback” for Producers and Directors, Reading for Studio Execs, and “Testing” for a Network. Mock auditions that simulate the real world process while the other actors sit in acting as Producers to experience both sides of the audition.
  • Agent & Manager Q&A/Showcase –  No Taxation without Representation! Want acting to pay the bills? Learn how to get yourself represented by one of Hollywood’s top talent agents, straight from the horse’s mouth!
  • YouTube Workshop – Do you want to become a YouTuber? This is a development, production and best practice intensive for those who want to build a YouTube presence. Teens to professional adults will be have the skill set to create content, share content, analyze data  and keep an audience engaged.
  • Trial Foundation Class – If you’re just starting out and aren’t quite sure if The Film Set Foundations Class is right for you, this one-day trial is just for you!
  • Improvisation Technique – Taught a proven style of sketch and improvisational comedy by working actors and writers. Gives actors the opportunity to develop their own creative voices through this workshop’s performances and direction.
  • Voice Over– An exciting way to discover your potential as a voice over actor! Learn the avenues the industry of voice acting presents, and receive a tailored-to-you game plan that will put you on the right path to finding and exhibiting your voice!
  • Travel/Field Trip Programs– Get an in-depth and up-close look at Hollywood through studio tours and special events. Also get to tour the globe with the chance to look at acting and training opportunities abroad, including a student exchange program!
  • And many more!