Film Acting Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops are lead by acting teachers and filmmakers who are focused entirely on training the actor for work in front of the camera. Come and join us! Train on our sets. Whether you are a beginner or an established actor, we promise you’ll hone your craft in an enjoyable, intimate, peer-based environment.


Acting Fundamentals  
Voice Over
Business of Acting 
On-Camera Technique
Sitcom/Comedy Scene Study
Preschool Site Classes

Agent & Manager Q&A/Showcase

HOMESCHOOL Classes and Travel Abroad Programs

The Film Set Studio strives to provide homeschool students with opportunities to explore film acting, filmmaking and screenwriting in the most unique and fun ways. We work on projects that lead to amazing field trips and unbelievable trips abroad. The 2016/2017 Trips abroad are…

London/Edinburgh Summer 2016
Dubai- March 2017
Australia- September 2017
Film Industry Based Field Trips-

Watch a sitcom being filmed
Visit the Academy to learn about the Oscars
Universal Studios Day of Study Program
Film Industry College Tours
Industry Union Guilds


The Film Set Studio is your local partner in building powerful video content. Our team of directors, editors, designers, writers, animators, concept artists, website technicians and marketing professionals are here to support you through initial creative strategizing to a powerful end result. We take pride in FUN, collaborative, creative and professional production projects, all while exceeding our client’s expectations.


YouTube Channel Production and development
Website Based Videos

Real Estate Showcasing Videos
Industrial Training

Convention Videos 
Actor Reels &  Audition Filming and Submission